An All-Inclusive Approach to building out your Pageant Brand


You’ve got it covered. You know what color dress looks great with your hair color, you’ve totally nailed your pageant walk in your new Marc Defang’s, and your fitness routine is on fire.

Despite all of this, you know that you need to step up and showcase why you deserve to win the crown. You know that you have to stop holding yourself back, and get super confident about telling your story and sharing what makes you unique to stand out from other contestants.

It’s time to start crafting your message & sharing your story in a deliberate way.

It’s time to get “unstuck” and develop the confidence to rock your next pageant by building your pageant brand.

Through personal branding strategy sessions, we will take you from trying to figure out how to tell your story to stand out as a competitor, to building a strong brand to showcase why you deserve to win the crown. 




When you build your personal brand, you are taking control of your story & your message. You know the adage, “Perception Becomes Reality”? The same rings true with your brand. By building a strong personal brand, you are controlling the narrative. It’s time to get super confident in building out YOUR brand.


Gain Clarity

Identify your core values & strengths to get clarity on best sharing the story of you. Develop key messaging points that you can use through all areas of pageant prep & competition.


Develop Confidence

Have a clear path for building your pageant brand. Through developing goals, timelines, and strategies, you’ll develop confidence on what you want to share with the world both online & off.


Stand Out

Know what you want to say, and how you want to say it. Have a clear knowledge of your “WHY”, and always be able to weave this into the story of what makes you stand out as a pageant contestant.





This Package Includes What You Need To Start Thinking About Building Your Pageant Brand

It Includes:

One-On-One Strategy Planning

Start the process of building your personal pageant brand with a one hour conversation via phone/FB messenger video or Zoom.

Guided Conversations & Discovery

We’ll discuss your pageant goals & journey and your current personal brand to uncover key ways to focus on building your brand and developing key messaging points about what unique strengths you have to share.

Sharing Your Story

You’ll learn ways to share your story through areas of pageant competition as well as in pageant prep including both online & offline communications.



This Package Includes Everything Included In One Session. It Also Includes:

Platform Specific Support

Learn how to infuse your personal brand into your pageant platform. After a discussion of your platform and your goals, you’ll receive written feedback on how to promote your work through appearances, volunteering and on social media. This will include ways to get more media coverage to promote the work you’re doing for the platform.

Developing A Custom Plan

You’ll be provided with practical advice on how to plan out building your brand over the course of the year and how to take specific actions to do so. You’ll get a timeline that outlines specific steps to take in the timeframe you are prepping for your next pageant so that you’re super confident in sharing your story and showing up in a big way.



This Package Includes Everything Included In Three Sessions. It Also Includes:

Supporting Visuals

Dazzling brand visuals are the icing on the cake with this package. We’ll have a conversation about your brand style and then I’ll create a custom brand mood board and social media templates for you in Canva, an online tool that makes creating visuals for social media quick, easy, and perfect for staying on brand.

This includes:

2 Post Templates for Facebook

1 Facebook Cover Image

2 Post Templates for Instagram

2 Post Templates for Instagram Stories

1 other post template (Twitter, etc.)


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